Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Move to Portland...

The time has come for me and my hubby to flee the culinary wasteland of Inland Empire SoCal and escape to a place that captured my heart...Portland Oregon. The beer, the food, the trees, the view, the food, the food and did I mention the food? I am so excited about our move. The countdown begins.
My husband Kyle, Myself, our "mighty dog" Dante, Jesus the Cat and four Tarantulas will be crammed into a gold minivan and will tow all our worldly belongings (or whats left after the yard sale) in a trailer. We will travel the 1071 miles up the length of California, up through Oregon to the sweet and sexy city. Travel food diary to follow...


  1. Don't forget to post some pictures along the way! I especially want to see the mossy forests.

  2. I am sure it is amazing!!! Take lots of pictures!! What an exciting move.

  3. i'll be up there on 6-14 @ Laughing Horse Books for part of the death crisis tour. come out!